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For more than two decades, PT. Duta Polykem Indo (Dukem) has committed to serve its customers by providing quality product under DUKEM brand, maintain professional support and service, and build long-term strategic win-win partnerships.


At present Dukem has established win-win relationships with hundreds of customers. We have maintained broad customer base ranging from high rise building to oil refineries and from small accounts to several hundred thousand of dollars accounts throughout Indonesia in various market segments.  The followings are some of our customers and the industries we served:


Hydrocarbon Processing (HCP) and Fertilizer


Dukem has served hydrocarbon processing industry, namely the state-owned Indonesian oil refineries, and fertilizer and ammonia plants for more than two decades with excellent performance.  Our programs and services have been widely recognized and accepted in this segment.


Our presence in the oil refinery is proven by the unparalleled acceptance of our program and service at all of Pertaminaís refinery units from UP I to UP VI.  We continue to serve our loyal and esteemed customer with the highest quality product and program at the most competitive price.  Our cooling water treatment program which includes the treatment of once-through, open-recirculation and closed-cooling system, our boiler water treatment program which includes pretreatment to condensate line treatment, and our process treatment program which includes crude oil desalting and overhead corrosion treatment, have assisted our customer in saving cost and improving performance of their critical operations.


Our presence in the fertilizer and ammonia plants has started to gain acceptance in recent years with our excellent and competitive program for the boiler water treatment.  We will continue to work closely with our customers in this segment to introduce other programs for maximum cost-saving and performance-efficient operations while maintaining continuous technical support and service.


Heavy Industry


Dukemís commitment of providing high quality products and excellent treatment programs has allowed us to maintain continuous service to our customers in the heavy industry segment.   For almost a decade, our programs have been helping our customers in saving cost. We treat large open-recirculation cooling system and high pressure boiler system in the pulp and paper industryís power generation section.  We help our customer in the chemical industry in improving efficiency and saving cost in the operation of many boilers and cooling towers.  Our programs and services in the power generation industry continue to strive and grow in years to come.


The industries we served in this segment include:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Power Generation
  • Heavy Manufacturing


Light to Middle Industry


Dukemís services in light to middle industry segment cover customers in the automobile, battery, brewery, cigarette, ceramic, cement, electronic, food and beverage, glass, light metal manufacturing, municipal water, packaging, palm oil, plywood, pharmaceutical, rubber and tire, sugar mill, textile industries, and many other industries using low to medium pressure boilers, closed-cooling and recirculation cooling systems.


Comfort/Commercial Cooling


Dukemís excellent commitment to industrial water treatment has been maintained and extended to commercial water treatment segment including high-rise office building, shopping mall, hotel and resort, apartment, convention hall, and other institutions such as universities and hospitals.  Our program and service have been adopted to suit the demand of frequent technical service visitation in this segment by offering complete automated system of chemical injection, bleed-off, and key parameter control.


Oil and Gas Production


Dukem has extended its well-accepted programs and services carrying brand of DUKEM into the oil and gas production industry in recent years.  Extending our already established product and program in solving water related problems into treatments of the oil-water related problems seems to be a natural step and has strengthen our commitment to be an established chemical service company providing unparalleled service in the market.  We offer excellent program of scale and corrosion treatments in oil and gas production.  Our wide range of demulsifier has been carefully selected to break water emulsion in many types of crude oil with characteristics ranging from light to paraffinic.  Our range of environmental friendly and biodegradable microbiocides along with solvent-based and water-based reverse demulsifier have assisted our customer in the treatment of discharge water from production well.  Our range of pour point depressant, paraffin solvent and inhibitor, viscosity modifier (drag reducer) will be useful for treating waxy crude to ease transportation over long pipe line.



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